Walled Lake Therma Tru

Walled Lake Therma Tru


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Home, Door & Window Products has been providing superior Therma Tru doors through the knowledge and expertise gained with over 30 years of experience. Our show room in Berkley displays a variety of ThermaTru entry doors. Home & Door have been servicing and pleasing clients in the Walled Lake area for many years and we want you to make us your elite choice for ThermaTru door needs. We are one of the foremost leading distributors of Therma Tru doors that are not only energy efficient but durable and add reliable security based on the latest technology. Clientele in Walled Lake have also enjoyed increased peace of mind after the installation of their Therma Tru doors by Home & Door meticulous installation. We understand that home begins at your door and for the past 19 years ThermaTru entry doors have ranked #1 in Brands Specified/Used most in the entry doors category.

Walled Lake Therma Tru Doors

Walled Lake was named after a stone wall along the lakes western bank, thought to be constructed by the Potawatomie Indian tribes. Walled Lake, Michigan is located north west of Detroit and lies in Oakland County with a population of approximately 7,000 residences. If you are building a home, renovating your home or replacing an existing entry door than Home & Door near Walled Lake is the right choice for that prestigious design. Home & Door strives to treat customers the way we want to be treated which was the mission of Home & Door since our doors opened. We listen to our customers and educate them on their best choice of ThermaTru entry doors. Home & Door wants your front door to provide you with greater security and cost efficiency but also aesthetic enrichment to your home in Walled Lake.

Walled Lake Thermatru

Home & Door is the impeccable choice for anyone looking for Therma Tru doors of superior workmanship and affordable pricing. Home & Door carries top-of the line ThermaTru entry doors and we have what customers want. Every particular detail of your Therma Tru door is designed with explicit accurateness. Our expert staff at Home & Door understands that your Therma Tru doors not only provide value in energy cost savings and security but also aesthetic enhancement to your home. If you are in the Walled Lake area stop by our showroom and take a look at our ThermaTru products and meet our specialists who will guide you through every aspect of purchasing your Therma Tru entry door or any type of Thermatru doors. You can call us at (248) 399-9900 or visit us on our website to receive a free no obligation estimate of your Therma Tru needs.

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