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For the past three decades, Home, Door & Window Products has been known as the leading door company. We are a door contractor that is dedicated to providing secure doors at a sensible price. We serve clients throughout the greater Detroit area with a vast door selection and experienced door installers. Fortify your property with a variety of doors from Home & Door. If you want a door installer that will get the job done right the first time, then it’s essential to hire them from a reputable door contractor, like Home & Door!

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The city of Utica is located in Macomb County and has about 4,700 citizens currently residing there. When residents of Utica need a door installer, they contact Home & Door. Whether you are looking for a quality entry door for your home or a new service door quote for your business, Home & Door is the best door contractor available. If you live in Utica and are interested in hiring a door installer from a door contractor, make sure to get a free estimate from Home & Door!

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As a premier door contractor, we strive to find innovative ways to provide energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable products. We are a door company that offers a variety of exterior and interior doors that are resistant to heat, frost, corrosion, and pollution. A new door will help you conserve energy while enhancing your property. Contact us today to speak with a professional about what options are best for you! Call Home, Door & Window Products today to request a free estimate.

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