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Just flip on the news, and you will hear that home invasions and residential burglaries are dramatically on the rise. What can you do to escape being the victim of a residential crime? You can give the experts at Home, Door & Window Products in Berkley, Michigan a call today and have them show you their complete line of products to establish which brand of products will best fit your life-style and budget and best protect your home and family from becoming a statistic. Better yet, why not stop by our showroom and look over our fine selection of products designed to provide your home with the kind of security and protection you and your family deserve. Home, Door & Window Products has been helping homeowners like you for over 30 years to find the most attractive and secure products for your home. We are known statewide for our top-of-the-linewindows from: Marvin Windows, Sunrise Windows Integrity Windows, Acan Windows, Polar Seal Windows, are the best on the market. We are recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business. Based on their files, Home, Door & Window Products has a Rating of A+ on a scale from A+ to F. We provide first rate service and expert installation for every product we stock.

Sterling Heights windows
Located 20 miles north of downtown Detroit, Sterling Height, Michigan resides in Macomb County. It is the second largest Detroit suburb and the fourth largest city in the state. Sterling Heights is known for having the Freedom Hill Amphitheater, which is the largest in Macomb County and the second largest in the state. The amphitheater is located in Freedom Hill Park, which is also home of the largest church in Macomb County, Bethesda Church. Sterling Heights has a staggering population of 124,471 residents, 46,319 households, and 33,395 families. The median household income is $60,494, whereas the median family income is $70,140. About 5.2% of the city’s population is below the poverty line. Due to the tight economic constraints, many local homeowners are switching to more energy efficient doors and windows. They are a great way to lower your energy bill and many offer additional security. Our experienced professionals are trained to located the areas in your home that are losing you money and areas that are at risk of a break-in and how to eliminate these problems.

Over the past 30 years, we have gained the trust of many homeowners with our extensive knowledge of window products and installation. We have become a household name that is hand-in-hand with superior service. One of the reasons we are the leader in window installation is our huge selection of window types and brands.