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Do you need a door installer from a reliable door company? Home, Door & Window Products is the premier door contractor in the Detroit Metro area. We are a trustworthy door installer that will ensure the highest quality, the absolute best service, and competitive pricing. Our doors come in a multitude of colors, features, and options. Home & Door knows that our Oak Park customers will find a door that they will love. Buying a door from the top door installer in Michigan will save you money and time because our custom doors are energy efficient and cost effective.

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Oak Park is a city in south Oakland County, Michigan and is a northern suburb of Detroit. Oak Park has a population of 29,319 and takes pride in their richness of cultural diversity and their safe, secure neighborhoods. Let Home & Door help enhance your entrance with our beautiful doors. We consistently provide excellent results because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Home & Door’s goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Home & Door offers FREE estimates, exceptional quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. We are the best door contractor in the state. Our technicians are knowledgeable, and they have endured extensive training on safety and proper techniques to install your custom door. For more information, contact Home, Door & Window Products at (248) 213-8172. Call our technicians for a free quote!

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