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Every 12 seconds a home is invaded by someone simply going right through the door! That’s a frightening statistic, and the reality is that home invasion can be prevented. If you are concerned about your risk of being victim, you need to contact the specialists at Home, Door & Window Products in Berkley, Michigan and find out how they can help you protect your home and family against the ravages of property crime. We have already helped over 150,000 satisfied customers, and we’ve provided them the security they need for a reasonable price. Home, Door & Window Products offer you the very same kind of sales, service and installation of residential and commercial window products that we’ve provided other customers in the Detroit Metro area for over 30 years. Some of the impressive manufacturers of windows who serve us, include the following:

Shelby Township bay and bow windows, Shelby Township casement and awning windows, Shelby Township double hung windows

  • Sunrise Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Integrity Windows
  • Polar Seal Windows
  • Acan Windows

Call Home, Door & Window Products today, or drop by when you’re in our neighborhood and talk to our knowledgeable staff about our services and products that will best meet your home and family needs. Our fully qualified personnel will be happy to provide you with a free estimate on installation of our window products and accessories for your home.

Shelby Township, Michigan is located in Macomb County, the third largest county in Michigan. It has a total population of 83,717 and is 31 miles north of Detroit. There are 31,846 different households in Shelby Township, 22,835 of which are families. The median household income is $70,660, and the medium home value is $296,909. The threat of home invasion within Shelby Township has been on the rise. Because its property crime rate is one and a half times of the national average, many of its homeowners have recently contacted Home, Door & Window Products about installing better and affordable window products to protect their homes from house invasion and their bank accounts from soaring energy bills! We are able to completely diagnose your needs and offer you the best answer to properly insulating your windows from energy loss and securing them against forcible entry.

Home, Door & Window Products changes your ordinary windows into extraordinary windows. We offer the following styles: bay and bow windows, casement and awning windows, double hung windows, round-top windows, venting and tilt-turn windows, and even, specialty shaped windows. We will walk you through the installation process so that you won’t have any questions or concerns unanswered or unaddressed. Quite a few of our Shelby Township homeowners have gone with our popular double-hung windows. These classic windows provide elegance while at the same time they optimize energy efficiency. Call us today about scheduling your free, window estimate.