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Patio Doors

For more than 30 years Home, Door & Window Products has been the leading supplier of high-quality patio doors in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan area. Home & Door services both residential homes and commercial businesses with excellent quality patio doors. Our energy efficient glass sliding doors will increase the security of your home or business and save you money by minimizing drafts. Home & Door has a large variety of beautiful Marvin patio doors and a gorgeous selection of Polar Seal glass sliding doors on display in our stunning showroom in Berkley, Michigan.

Grosse Pointe Woods Patio Door
Grosse Pointe Woods is a suburban city in Wayne County, Michigan with 16,135 residents. Grosse Pointe Woods is located about 10 miles northeast of downtown Detroit in the northeastern corner of Wayne County. Home & Door specializes in glass sliding doors, and we guarantee the highest quality, affordability and the best customer’s service for our Gross Pointe Woods customers. Home & Door has the largest selection of Marvin, Integrity and Polar Seal slider doors available near Grosse Pointe Woods. We know our specialists can help you find a patio door for your beautiful home or business.

Grosse Pointe Woods Glass Sliding Door
Our premium patio doors come in various styles, finishes, and colors. We have over 150,000 satisfied customers because we are knowledgeable, reliable and affordable. Our specialists are experienced and know the latest technology for our state-of-the-art Marvin slider doors. Home & Door offers FREE estimates, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Call our wonderful Home, Door & Window Products sales team at (248) 399-9900. We promise you’ll find the perfect sliding door to match your style and budget.

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