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Clinton Therma Tru


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Home, Door & Window Products is the foremost leading distributor of durable, reliable and cost effective Therma Tru doors in the Detroit area with over 150,000 satisfied customers. Home & Door has been improving the security of homes by installing Therma Tru entry doors that are made with the latest technology. For over 30 years our highly skilled experts have been educating our customers and guiding them through purchasing ThermaTru entry doors that are perfect for the style and design of their homes. We understand homeowner’s needs and work with you to offer you quality and affordable pricing. Home & Door has a solution for every one of your home door issues with our Therma Tru products. Whether you want increased security, energy efficiency or enriched aesthetics to your home, we can provide it all. Home & Door has a history of superior service and installation of ThermaTru doors in the Clinton area.

Clinton Therma Tru Doors

Clinton, Michigan is a village with a population of 2,336 in Lenawee County. Clinton is named after a man named DeWitt Clinton, the 1817 to 1823 governor of New York. Clinton is a little town with a big heart and lots of historical landmarks that date way back in history and has been chronicled by local residents. Home & Door provides sturdy and well-crafted Therma Tru doors with complete installation and clean up for our customers. Residents in Clinton are overwhelmed by the incredibly meticulous detail in every aspect of ThermaTru doors. Our excellent service offers salesmen that help pick out your functional Therma Tru entry door and have it installed in a timely fashion. Home & Door for the last 3 decades have held true to the vision of customers deserve a service that goes above and beyond to provide solutions for their home door needs.

Clinton Thermatru

Home & Door has a history of selling Therma Tru doors with superior workmanship, impeccable designs, and one of a kind service. Come visit or beautiful showroom in Clinton to view Thermatru doors and Therma Tru entry doors for yourself. Our experts walk you through picking a statement piece that will add perceived value to your home. Let your ThermaTru doors create a lasting impression of artistic beauty from the moment people set eyes on your entry door. If you are in the Clinton area and looking for a no hassle, trustworthy, and affordable service than give Home & Door a call at (888)819-3667. Feel free to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our friendly professionals in person. Whatever your home door need we will make sure you’re satisfied with your Therma Tru choice. For your convience you can visit our website to find out how you can receive a free on-site, no obligation estimate today!

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