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Clawson New Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a reliable garage door repair service, then Home, Door, & Window Products is right for you! We also have new garage doors, ranging from wood, composite, steel, or even custom ornamental iron doors. We can also provide you with a garage door opener if you do not have one currently installed, and we also have garage door repair service. For the past 30 years Home & Door has been working hard to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with their new garage door, and the residents of Clawson can vouch for us! They know firsthand how great our residential garage door work is.

Clawson Garage Door Repair

Clawson, Michigan is a city within Oakland County and has about 11,850 people residing there. It is also a part of the Detroit Metropolitan area. Home & Door services both businesses and homes with equally amazing quality of garage door work. All of our garage doors are reliable and low maintenance. That’s why Clawson comes to us for all of their garage door repair needs. They are always happy with the quality of our craftsmanship and new garage door products. Clawson knows that they can count on us to get their garage door repair job done correctly and on time!

Clawson Residential Garage Door

Home & Door has an amazing sales team, trained both in the field and in sales. They will assist you with finding the absolute best new garage door for you. We can also answer any of your questions regarding garage door openers and our other garage door services. We also have an outstanding showcase that’s always open to the public. That way you can come see our new garage doors for yourselves and see what you’re getting before you buy! At Home, Door, & Window Products we are always working hard to keep our customers happy. Call us today for a free quote and here are the numbers to call: Local Phone: (248) 399-9900 or Toll Free: (888) 819-3667.

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