Clawson Entry Doors

Clawson Entry Doors


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Home, Door & Window Products is rated as the number one supplier of the finest entry door products all throughout the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area. We have been providing a variety of entry doors and protecting the families of Detroit and neighboring communities for over 30 years!  With an amazing selection of home doors at Home, Door & Window Products there is no wonder as to why we have over 150,000 happy customers. We are well- known for presenting a wide variety of home door products, such as exterior doors, interior doors, entry doors and front doors. To fit your exact desires and requirements we can fully modify a home door of your choice. Please come to our showroom in Berkley, Michigan to see the full display and the variety of doors we have to offer here at Home, Door & Window Products. Our specialist here will be more then happy to help our Clawson resident from beginning to end with their decision process while selecting the perfect entry door for their home.

Clawson Interior Doors

Home, Door & Window Products has it all, from entry doors, to interior doors, to exterior doors and even front doors, which makes it very convenient for the people of Clawson. The city of Clawson, Michigan is part of the Detroit metropolitan area located in Oakland County and has a population of over 11,000 residents. Clawson is a great place to visit or live. It has a small town atmosphere along with the amenities of a big city and various activities all throughout the year. Further, did you know that 70% of all home break in gains access by jut simply kicking in a door? Well when purchasing a door from Home, Door & Window Products you no longer have to worry because we can turn a regular entry doors, interior doors, exterior doors into a security door just for you. We will always provide Clawson and their families with the safety and security they deserve.

Clawson Exterior Doors

As you have learned Home, Door & Window Products doesn’t just sell entry doors. We offer a full array of entry doors, interior doors, exterior doors, front doors and home doors. Our selection of doors at Home, Door & Window Products are one of the greatest in Michigan. We supply and manufacture any style or brand you can dream of. Despite the fact we are mostly known for our home doors, we do offer a complete line of entry doors, interior doors, exterior doors and front doors too. If you’re still having difficulties finding what you’re looking for, our skilled professionals will customize a home door to your exact requests. We invite you to visit our showroom so you can see our full line of entry door products and services. Or you can always call our representatives at Home, Door & Window Products to get answers to any questions you may have. Don’t forget to schedule a free no cost estimate for your home doors right now!

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