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For the year 2009, the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that:

  • Property theft was the most frequently occurring property crime

  • There were about 11.7 million property thefts in 2009

  • About 95.7 per 1,000 households experienced property thefts during this year

If you want to know what you can do to protect your family and safeguard your property from becoming a statistic, do what our over 150,000 pleased customers did and call the professionals at Home, Door & Window Products.

    Our highly trained experts are ready to help you decide which front doors are best for your residence as the first line of defense against intruders. Chose from our huge selection of top-of-the-line products such as:

    • Jeld-Wen Doors

    • Therma Tru Doors

    • Masonite Doors

    • Simpson Doors

    • Karona Doors

    • Lemieux Doors

    Southfield MI Entry Doors

    Or, you can arrange to custom design an exterior door to your own specifications. Whatever you decide, our experienced staff is only too happy to work with you on making all the necessary adjustments and additions to your home to keep you safe and protected from home invasion. We will provide you cost-effective products to keep you and your family safe and secure. In addition to exterior doors, we also offer a fine line of other doors, including interior and patio doors. Ask a representative to also show you some samples of our interior door products: Jeld-Wen Doors, Karona Doors and Lemieux Doors and our patio door products by: Marvin Doors, Integrity Doors and Polar Seal Doors, that are manufactured in wood, clad, fiberglass, and vinyl. Our experienced and highly trained technicians are readily on hand to provide you with the best customer service available. We offer a wide range of products, together with top-of-the-line security products. To view our full selection of products, stop by our Berkley, Michigan showroom today. All price quotes are free of charge

    Southfield Exterior Doors

    Southfield MI Exterior Doors

    The city of Southfield, MI is located 15 miles northwest of Detroit, MI in Oakland County. It is adjacent to Detroit on the north side. When driving through Southfield, you can't but notice the "Golden Triangle", which is a cluster of five golden skyscrapers that make up the city skyline. Southfield has a total population of 78,296 residents and 33,987 different households. The median household income in Southfield is around $51,000 and this number continues to rise. Southfield is a commercial center for the metropolitan Detroit area. Given the close proximity to downtown Detroit, it may not come as a surprise that Southfield has its fair share of crime. The chance of being a victim of a theft/burglary in Southfield is 1 in 22. This number is significantly higher than the national and state averages. The easiest and cheapest way to protect your home and family from these threats is to have our professionals fit your home with a door that best fits your needs. Doors are the first step in any security system. Recently, it was found that, "70% of all break-in intruders gain access by kicking in a door." and "One to three kicks will open the average door." When people first think of a security door, they think of the high cost. "Installing security doors or repairing jambs can cost over $500.00 per door." Home, Door and Window Products offer a far cheaper alternative than having a whole new door installed. We offer door jamb armor to all of our clients. Door jamb armor turns a standard door into a security door in less than an hour. It is the most affordable security door money can buy. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit any door you may have.

    Southfield Home Exterior Doors

    Southfield MI Home Doors

    Home, Door & Window Products is most notably known for its exceptional residential doors. However, we are also a leader in commercial entry doors and garage doors. With such a wide variety of brands and types, no wonder, we are one of the leaders in home and business doors installation. Our doors are some of the most affordable on the market. Give one of our representatives a call today, so we can start making your house into a home.